Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Energy Crisis Essay -- USA Oil Fuel Essays Papers

Energy Crisis Energy is important to our nation for many reasons. It is a key economic driver. It offers new market opportunities for business. Providing energy to our nation has been an exciting challenge in recent years. Many changes have been constant throughout that period. The past tells Americans that predicting the specifics of the energy future for our nation with great accuracy would be unlikely. Americans get their energy from different types of resources. With all the different resources Americans believe that an energy crunch shouldn’t happen. The crisis is a nationwide energy discontent in which natural gas rates have soared to the highest level in 15 years, and OPEC has slashed its oil output again to keep prices up. Most Americans know they are the ones who are mostly to blame for the energy crisis. Americans' greed drives us to demand more space and privacy, more power and speed, and more comfort and ease. Satisfying these demands requires the burning of more fossil fuels. Due to the large amounts of energy that Americans use, the demand for more energy resources are becoming low. The energy crisis in California could spread throughout the United States unless answers to these problems of energy consumption can be solved. If the energy crisis should happen to spread throughout the United States, there would be a large demand for more energy resources. More and more efforts are being attempted for finding new types of energy resources for the long term. Large amounts of money are being spent on different types of energy. Prices will continue to grow if there is a shortage of energy. Americans will have to pay more for energy in the years to come if the oil and natural gas prices continue to go up, due to lack of oil drilling spots. Long term energy problems will be solved with all the new types of energy out there. Early in the 1970s, natural gas was thought to be a declining fuel. Outdated and counter productive pricing regulations handcuffed the industry. The picture today is decidedly different. Natural gas is being counted on to fuel most of America’s economic expansions way into the 21st century. The regulations of the 1970s have been replaced by a restructured gas market, and the industry has responded. The demand for gas is growing faster than anyone predicted. The United States economy is also growing faste... ...ergy. Oil and natural gas will still be out there for energy sources in the future. Many Americans will probably find ways to deal with the energy crunch, by using new efficient resources. Americans hesitate to make detailed predictions about the energy future much past the present. To secure energy for the future cooperating with foreign governments and institutions to develop energy sector laws would help. Policies and regulatory processes for setting standards and opening markets, could help the energy crisis in the United States. Also, promoting energy production in the future in ways that respect health and environmental problems. Many experts agree that consumers who invest in things like better insulation and windows to make their homes more efficient will see the cheapest bills in the future. In conclusion the past years have been exciting for energy markets, energy policy, and energy supply and demand. Many people have made significant progress in understanding the importance of a basic resource, which they once took for granted. Americans can expect to have better tools for the future of energy and to be better at identifying and addressing these challenges.

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